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Donations at Work in the Canyon

Scholarships Impact Lives

*Any names you see below have been changed to protect families' identities.

High School Girl Scholarship Recipient
"A letter can barely express my gratitude towards the experiences I have been blessed with at LLYC. I have met people who are a true expression of God's kingdom, challenged myself, served others, worshiped the Lord, and danced more than I ever have before."

LLYC Scholarship Recipient Family
"My four children and I are currently living in a transitional homeless shelter. I work full-time and am also a full-time nursing student. I graduate this December and will be getting my RN! My oldest two attended camp this past summer and had so much fun! It would be a great blessing if they were selected for another scholarship. Thank you for your generosity and all you have blessed us with! We are so thankful! We feel like Laity Lodge Youth Camp is part of our own family. I cannot wait until I become a nurse and am able to send my own children to camp, but also bless others the way my children have been blessed!"

10-Year-Old Girl Scholarship Recipient
"Thank you for giving me this opportunity to go to LLYC. I did a lot of activities like zip-lining, reppelling, and swimming. After leaving camp, I have grown closer to God by reading the Bible with my Mom, praying every night and lots more. I hope I get to go to camp next year!"

Friend Requesting Scholarship for a Son and Daughter of a Single Father
"Katelyn is 14 now. Her aunt sent her to camp three years ago and she said it was the best week of her life. She lives with her father, who is a hard worker but makes minimum wage and is always struggling with what most of us take for granted. He is such a dedicated father. He walks his eight-year-old to school every morning before he walks to work, because his car is on its last leg. I would love to see both of the children go to camp this year. They would really benefit from having fun for a week, instead of always worrying. Their father could never afford to send them."

Single Mom Requesting Scholarship for her Son and Daughter
"Being a single mother isn't easy but God blesses us and always sees us through. I do not have health insurance and have continued to have many health issues this year that I'm still trying to figure out. Both my son and daughter were blessed with a scholarship to LLYC last summer. Every single day since they arrived home, it has been nonstop talk and memories of events, people, rodeo, friends, Ga-ga ball and the wonderful, patient counselors that took great care of them for two weeks. Camp leaves a permanent impression on them. I don't have much help with them. While they were away at camp, I was refreshed and renewed."

Family Camp Scholarship Recipient
"You may never fully understand the importance of that scholarship, but our family will never forget. Two years in a row you have been part of the Lord doing life-altering work in our home. Laity Lodge Family Camp had a hand in possibly saving my marriage as well as helping our family get back on track. During our time a camp, the Lord met me in His loving and gracious way and convicted me in some crucial areas of my life. Had I not accepted His help and change, I would have headed down a very scary and destructive path. My husband and I are both so very grateful for what Laity Lodge does to help so many families—it gave us the opportunity for the Lord to do a miracle."

Family Camp Scholarship Recipient
"Thank you for not only embracing my family with love, but for allowing us to become closer to God and to each other. The last six months have been extremely difficult for us, but being here these past couple of days has allowed us to see that God is still with us every step of the way."

Family Camp Scholarship Recipient
"Laity Lodge Family Camp was an amazing experience for my family. My children had opportunities to enjoy their innocence and youth in the beauty of God's wonderful creation against the backdrop of the phenomenal view of the Canyon. They played, laughed, met new friends, explored and grew in their personal confidence as people. They left refreshed, invigorated, encouraged and just excited about life and our lives as a family."

Laity Lodge Guest
"The weekend was completely beyond my expectations. So welcoming, such utter love and genuine openness, as well as the extra help when my luggage went on walkabout and then arrived a day later needing to be washed and dried. Even the kitchen staff hugged me goodbye when I left. You are My People."

From a Grateful Family Who Received a Family Camp Scholarship
"We had a great time. It restored our minds and our souls for different reasons. For me, it was such a blessing to have nothing competing with my time with my family. No phone calls, emails, texts, or social media. It felt unbelievable to be distraction free. My wife loved the fact that she didn't have to plan or get the kids ready or manage our family schedule for a week. It felt like we were home the whole week. Our kids loved the freedom camp provided. They were free to explore God's creation, play, and hang out with other kids. They had no electronics for a week and didn't even realize it. They were never bored. They made new friends so easily. It was such a blessing to my heart to see them let go of their self-consciousness and feel free to be goofy kids with the counselors. I can't thank you enough for making it financially possible for us to come. God is good."

Laity Lodge Youth Girl Camper, age 12
"After leaving camp, I have grown closer to God by reading the Bible with my mom and praying every night. I hope I get to go to camp next year."

Mom of a Laity Lodge Youth Camper
"My son is much more of a leader now that he has gone to LLYC. The very first time he went to camp, he came back and said, ‘I had a dad for two weeks.' He looks forward to camp all year long. With everything I've been through in my life, I can't help but wonder how so many phenomenal individuals are in one place. I find myself thinking, ‘They don't make people like this.' Well, at LLYC they do."

H. E. Butt Foundation Camp Recipient
"We at St. Paul's cannot THANK YOU enough for your ministry. In the past, St. Paul's used Linnet's Wings, and we had to move up to Singing Hills as we outgrew the facility. Your camp contributes to our youth coming back. They can't talk enough about their retreat experiences. Please accept our appreciation and gratitude for what you all do to help us lead our teens into a deeper relationship with Christ. H. E. Butt Foundation Camp has truly helped change hundreds of lives of our teens over the years." (This leader shared that, based on the expense of another retreat they have done for youth in the past, by using Foundation Camp facilities, they saved over $12,000 to serve the same number of youth.)

Laity Lodge Guest
"It was a soul refreshing weekend that will stay with me forever. Jars of Clay music definitely made the biggest impact and increased my spiritual walk with their incredible music; being able to eat and visit with them were added blessings. I was touched by the gracious and warm hospitality of the staff, the wonderful food, the lengthy leisure time which I used to resolve some spiritual issues and to write in depth of my experiences and life issues; and, of course, the natural beauty of the Canyon. I came home renewed on every level, to engage with sacred energy received from this weekend in all my upcoming projects and relationships. I pray I will be able to return again to that holy place, Laity Lodge."

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